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The Woodlands Child Custody Attorney Defends Parental Rights

Knowledgeable Texas lawyer develops solid parenting plans

The dissolution of your marriage changes the circumstances under which you raise your children, but it shouldn’t create obstacles to maintaining a loving relationship with them. A parenting plan that gives you custody of your children or allows frequent, meaningful visitation is essential to that relationship. At the Law Office of Jerry Porter, we know how important your children are to you, and we also know how emotionally-charged custody battles can be. You can rely on my compassion and determination when negotiating or litigating custody issues. I work diligently to create parenting plans that honor your parental rights and advance the best interests of your children.

What you need to know about Texas conservatorship law

In Texas, family law courts divide child custody issues into two different categories: conservatorship and possession and access.

  • Conservatorship is basically the rights and duties of the parents. Conservatorship can be done in different ways, including allowing one parent to make all the decisions (sole managing conservatorship) or allowing both parents to make the decisions together (joint managing conservatorship).
  • Possession and access are terms used for the physical custody of the children. Texas has two statutory possession and access schedules: standard and extended standard. These schedules dictate the time each parent spends with the child.

Texas law carries a rebuttable presumption that joint conservatorship is in the best interests of the child. Parties can agree on different terms of conservatorship, as well as possession and access schedules, based on their needs, or the court can order specific terms and conditions.

Creating a parenting plan that fits your life in The Woodlands

At the Law Office of Jerry Porter, we know that there’s more than one way to settle a divorce, and that’s especially true of custody arrangements. The best parenting plan is one that factors in the full range of unique traits that make up your family: your relationship with your children and your spouse, the parents’ career commitments and lifestyle choices, your children’s age and maturity, as well as their interests, activities and special needs. I work to negotiate parenting plans that match the totality of your circumstances.

Some families manage best with a joint custody plan, while others work better by granting sole custody to one parent and liberal visitation to the other. I help you understand your choices and the impact of ancillary issues, such as child support. It is always preferable to arrive at a negotiated solution, but certain issues such as relocation, interference with visitation or unfit parenting almost certainly must be litigated. While I zealously advocate for a mother’s or father’s rights, I caution my clients to be realistic about what is in the best interests of their children, since that is the ultimate criterion for the court.

Contact a knowledge family law attorney in The Woodlands about marital agreements

In child custody disputes, it’s important not to let emotions override good sense. Although I am always sympathetic to a parent’s feelings, I try to set realistic goals that the court will accept as being in the best interests of the children. In more than 30 years of practice, I have helped innumerable clients assert their parental rights and establish parenting plans that facilitate loving relationships with their children. If you are in The Woodlands, Montgomery County or the greater Houston area, call 281.296.3131 or contact the Law Office of Jerry Porter online to schedule a consultation.


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